About Us

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Malaysia (MSSM), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Malaysia. Our mission is to increase MS awareness and education in the society for prevention, early diagnosis and treatments to provide quality life.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Malaysia was established in (year) in collaboration with Hospital University, Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia and Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Our main goals are to provide patients with a support network, increase public awareness, encourage earlier diagnosis and treatment, and seek government assistance in approving the availability of medications for MS patients

It is estimated that 2.5 million individuals worldwide suffer from MS and there are about 1000 in Malaysia. MS Society Malaysia support and joins in advocating for MS research as part of the collective worldwide effort to solve MS.

The key drawback is the lack of public awareness and education of the disease, which greatly needs to be accelerated in our community to enable people to come forward for early diagnosis and treatments. A patient does not have to suffer in silence, neither the caregivers and family members.